Ingmar – Create Home Page Slider

Please note:
Home Page Slider in Ingmar WordPress Theme displays Sticky Post with Featured Image.

To set up Home Page Slider:

Open the editor of the post and locate the Featured Image module on the right. Click Set Featured Image.
For more info go to: Setting a Featured Image

2. Setting a Sticky Post

Please go to ‘Visibility’ (the ‘Publish’ section in the Post editor) click ‘Edit’ and check ‘Stick this post to the front page’, click ‘OK‘ and ‘Update’
For more info go to: How to Set up Sticky Posts

Be sure to update your post when you’re finished.

3. Now you can set up:

– Height of Home Page Slider,
– Slider Image Size

Please go to >Appearance >Customize > Home Page

Ingmar Theme Home Page Slider

Remember to hit Save button 🙂